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1 Step for Man, 9 Steps Back for Female Kind….Tighten up Ladies

Bro what the fuck is this world coming too? The shit I have seen in the news over the last few days has mad me laugh my fucking ass off with joy. News stories such as the ones being told are the personification of the American Idiot, brain washed and mentally challenged, unable to formulate brain synapses in a way that produces critical thinking.amanda-berry-reunion-croppe_610x344-300x169

So lets start with the Amanda Berry bitch, this chick was apparently kidnapped at 16, she’s 26 years old right now and has a 6 year old kid. So here I go you bleeding fucking morons. Is it at all possible to fathom for just a few minutes about the circumstances of this girls claims? I would like you to, so just break down the factual information for a minute than retard your self with ur 4th grade American opinion after I conclude. Lets see…. the  victim was 16 when allegedly abducted, old enough to fuck, old enough to drugs, old enough to get expelled, old enough to fuck older men, old enough TO RUN AWAY! In addition, is it not a coincidence that her kid is the same age as the years she has been missing? So with out a doubt she had to have either been pregnant or gotten pregnant while abducted. Lets just try to give this retard the benefit of the doubt, what did she do when she was in labor? why didn’t she tell the hospital? I assure you this, two fucking uneducated bus drivers could not deliver a baby and take care of it, and a ado lent female for 10 and 6 years with out incident of any medical complications what so ever. I am tired of hearing this shit on the news, your not a victim you fucking skank, you ran away and now you want to go home but this way you exit a celebrity not a fucking poor pile of white trash with a retired bus drivers child.

Let me just also note that I have bills, and have lived in various places throughout my life, It is impossible to afford rent utilities ect, without a job, or leaving the house periodically to go hustle money, this bitch is a grown fucking woman, are you trying to tell me she is so fucking retarded that she couldn’t open a door or jump out a window in ten years? Was this guys house her fucking Alcatraz, and finally after ten solid years of planing this was her great escape? lol pushing the door open a crack and yelling for the neighbor to help lol……HA HA HA HA HA HA, wow, I’m glad you finally figured that one out you stupid dishonest whore.


burninglimo-fromcarSide note, this is weird to me, the man who found them was eating McDonald’s when he heard the skank acting her way to freedom, and the two men arrested for this alleged crime were arrested in a McDonald’s, and heres the kicker, the skank Amanda was either abducted or last seen leaving work at a Burger King lol, you have to love the low rent fast food irony thats going on here, but like I said I am sure this is all just random circumstance and this poor white trash slut was really just mentally retarded and lost her ability to think move, walk, speak, so on and so forth for the last ten years of her life.


So what other fame degenerates have been doing their best to set American civilization back several hundred years? Well a bridal party of absolute fucking retards in California just recently put up the impressive number of 4 dead, and the rest in critical condition from a fire that took place inside of a moving limousine. First thing is first I don’t give a fuck how the fire started, the bottom line is there was a fire that was engulfing people in a vehicle. Reports indicate several woman tried squeezing through the front privacy window in order to escape, and several woman were actually able to exit the limo and survive.


HMMMMM, ok so my first question is, why the fuck did you not just open the door? and for fucks sakes don’t fucking read this and say to your self the doors must have been locked shut because there was a fire. This is real life u fucking idiots, these people are really dead and the car like every other car in the world has door handles and locks which can be manually operated from within the vehicle, even if the vehicle is powerless. So whats does that tell us? It tells us that these fucking morons, were so scared of hot doors and getting burnt that they decided smoke inhalation and being burnt alive (prob the worst way on earth to die) were spectacular ideas. These fucking pathetic self absorbed ass clowns thought so much of them selfs that someone would save them, or they will magically get out, that burning them selves in an attempt to live was a bad decision. instead they opted for the half opened privacy window that their bodies could not fit through.

Im just saying if you told female Jews in the Holocaust before you shut the door to incinerate them to death that the door is open its just hot, and also you can jump out or break any window on the sides at any time but you may suffer minor injuries from the impact of the highway you land on, I fucking promise you every female jew in Nazi Germany would have walked away from the Holocaust. These fucking woman have no excuse but passive ignorance and arrogance to their presumed asses in which they thought were to be kissed that fine day not barbecued. Good rid ions you stupid fucking morons, I seriously can’t even drive to work without thinking the assholes who cause traffic delays deserve to die, so its most definitely a good thing the earth has come to claim you fucking half breeds back to its core and to hopefully teach other handicapped woman around the globe a few lessons in basic human instincts.




So I read a buddies post on Facebook about how Facebook is some how magically tagging people in pictures without the user actually having to select the person in the photo. Since my input on this was to long for a response or a status I went to here to my own website that has no limits on my written opinion. So to all the people weirded out by facebooks new intelligence, I shall proqwebrothers-picsayvide the answers.

Facial recognition software all Samsung phones come with it now but companies like facebook just preloaded the program with the post data from everything that was ever tagged, rather than need the user to tag enough now for it to learn. Basically they installed a self aware identification program that is equipped to to be more accurate than any other software on planet earth. For a company like Facebook who collects more personal information than any data base that’s ever been conceived by man, it was easy as shit to combined a few of their already implemented programs with all the other information every website worth a shit already collects such, as the age of the person using online, the length in time they spend on pages, what websites they came from or left in order to see said information, the race sex, gender ect ect, but have the ability to cross reference your behavior online with the people most close to you, they know every message you send privately, they know every sentence every word you write, all of which gets compiled into a data base of information in order to make the website better for you the user.

I for one agree its fucking creepy and now that the book is a publicly traded company def. get sick over the fact a bunch of investors have legal access to all of my personal information for the soul ability to increase profits and reduce overhead costs. Humanbeings interacting publicly and privately should never be turned into some kind of business model, fuck surveys fellas, were all participating in one now and Facebook tracks ur every second of interaction. Just think every message u send unless u tell it not to in ur settings knows where ur at, it keeps track of all ur check ins, all ur personal messages or status updates that contain emotional icons or “emoticons” they correlate information like that with what time it is, ur location, what u did or how u felt earlier in that day, blah blah blah I could seriously keep going on with the amount of shit this company legally can do and actually does on a daily basis. My only suggestion to y’all considered is to shut off ur GPS for good or just quit going online, this shit is here to stay and that’s a cold hard fact, the 4-5 companies capable of this do so to make billions and also provide all said information to the government for “our protection” slash a free contribution to the political machine that regulates business tactics of this nature.

That’s where the lobbying efforts of the trillion dollar advertising companies and your publicly funded CIA and NSA come into play, keeping their corporate and governing agendas in place over all. Lets put it this way, without us these websites would be bankrupt, however we just keep on accepting things we do not feel comfortable with because its easier just to roll with the punches. Please know facebook goes bankrupt if you stop using it, just know yall really do have the power over this company even if it is publicly traded now, just start getting the word out and trust me facebook will back off its creepy efforts of alleged simplicity.


Authorities in California on Thursday said they tracked a package containing more than two pounds of California marijuana to the Kentucky home of Jerome Simpson, a wide receiver with the Cincinnati Bengals football team.092311-sports-jerome-simpson

Michelle Gregory, a spokeswoman with the California Department of Justice, said the package, which originated in Eureka, California, was part of a larger shipment of 40 parcels of the illicit drug headed to 18 different states that state narcotics agents were tracking. Police also found 6 more pounds of pot inside the house as well as drug paraphernalia such as “packaging materials, scales and smoking devices,” California Department of Justice spokeswoman Michelle Gregory told the Cincinnati Enquirer.SDVSDVSDVSDV

Police detained the players but didn’t arrest them and no charges have been filed. The case will be addressed Thursday by the Kenton County (Ky.) prosecutor’s office.

Collins released a statement through his attorney on Friday.

“Unfortunately I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Collins said in the statement. “However, I do want to take this opportunity to let my fans, friends and family know that I had no part in the reported activities at Jerome’s home.

“I have done nothing wrong and I have not been charged with doing anything wrong. So far as I know, I am no longer a part of any investigation.”

Gregory said Simpson, 25, and fellow Bengals player Anthony Collins, 25, were at Simpson’s home in Crestview Hills, Kentucky when the package was delivered on Tuesday by members of the Cincinnati-North Kentucky Airport Interdiction team, which had intercepted the parcel after a tip-off from authorities in California.
News flash to all you idiots out their trying to buy pot, DON’T USE FEDEX OR FUCKING UPS. They are private companies and have legal right to open any package they want, whenever they want. This means that obviously the DEA, and other government agencies work hand in hand with these companies. This might sound weird, but its the safest way to transport drugs if you absolutely must buy them in bulk from Cali. THE UNITED STATES POST OFFICE!!! yes, that’s what I just said, US Mail can not be opened without a judge issued search warrant. So if you wanna ship drugs, stick with the company that is obligated to uphold your constitutional rights. in addition, weed is stupid to ship for one, but if you are to do this, make sure you ship the fucking shit on a 2-3 day service, anything overnight that is remotely suspicious will be flagged. I wasn’t going to get into all this but since everyone out their seems to be fucking retarded, and suffering from a solid case of “fuck me up the ass please, and throw me in prison disease, i shall continue.  Here are some more tips to keep you out of jail.


Domestic Drug Shipping 101

1. do not ever order, track, or use your personal email to buy drugs that you are having mailed to your house.

2. use a public library to order the drugs you want that way your ip address can not be associated with the transaction.

3. if an email is needed, use an encrypted email address and server, like hush mail

4. never use your credit card, any decent drug dealer who sells online will accept green dot funding, or western union.

5. if you are using western union, split payments up, anything over $1000, will require an id of some kind.

6. never ship the drugs to your house, but if you must, not in your name, and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER fucking sign for anything.

7. Last, if the package gets dropped off, and you think something is sketch, bring it in, leave it next to the door, and in bold magic marker write “return to sender”, leave the package their for at least 2-3 days if you feel like you are seriously being watched. And as always if the cops show up, keep your fucking mouth shut until you get a lawyer.



Wow, if their is not a fucking GOD than I am just a lucky mother fucker, because this is Alex Jones, and his video on guns and Obama, he has taken it off of his youtube channel in the search-able videos that circulate his youtube page, and he did so just after I made my video response to him. lol, from my video response he has blocked me from making comments on his youtube channel, he has proven to me that he is a liberal, fucking, wanna be, brain washer, that is entirely full of shit. Its funny when people like this try fighting for the cause of lower class Americans, gets called the fuck out he hides like a fucking coward, and play more media mind tricks on decent Americans. Alex Jones your a fat fucking pile of shit fraud, you are as corrupt as the media pigs, and political abominations that you so succinctly label as criminals. Just to make sure i was not crazy, and that i was in fact not missing something, or fucked up in the head, I essentially called the Dad that all Americans with any fucking radio knowledge, accept as their hard hitting voice of reason. YES, its Lex and Terry. And from these well rounded individuals I got exactly what I wanted, and that of course was a legit response to this douche fag Alex Jones, and the bullshit that he vomits from his coward ass mouth. Enjoy the clip, I will be the first to say that I sound nervous talking to these guys, for 1 their fucking ballers, and everything I aspire to be in public media, and for 2, I was asking the two hardest mother fuckers on the air one of the dumbest questions of all time. When I listened back to the phone call, I realized that I was 2 seconds away from being hung up on for a retarded phone call. however, luck was on my side and Taint, came through with information on this ass clown Alex Jones, which eventually sparked some memories to L&T of who this guy was, and their opinion on what he does. And the bottom line is, that now I can tuck this chapter of fanatic mythology under the bed in my life, If Lex and Terry say the guys full of shit, than bottom line is, the guy is full of shit! I will tell you what, I trust more from the un groomed, real as fuck Lex and Terry, than I ever will from a fat fagot who ware’s makeup in the fucking morning and blocks video responses that are not conducive with kissing ass, and sucking small dick. Lex and Terry you guys kick ass, and thank you affording me the honor to be on your show once again.

Alex Jones, and his Homo video that no one with a voice can respond too.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/Kd6WGZgPvbs” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

My video response

And Last but most amazing, me on the air getting Lex & Terrys opinion on this ass clown.


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/bgIPsK-xcZM” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>