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The New Facebook


So I read a buddies post on Facebook about how Facebook is some how magically tagging people in pictures without the user actually having to select the person in the photo. Since my input on this was to long for a response or a status I went to here to my own website that has no limits on my written opinion. So to all the people weirded out by facebooks new intelligence, I shall provide the answers.

Facial recognition software all Samsung phones come with it now but companies like facebook just preloaded the program with the post data from everything that was ever tagged, rather than need the user to tag enough now for it to learn. Basically they installed a self aware identification program that is equipped to to be more accurate than any other software on planet earth. For a company like Facebook who collects more personal information than any data base that’s ever been conceived by man, it was easy as shit to combined a few of their already implemented programs with all the other information every website worth a shit already collects such, as the age of the person using online, the length in time they spend on pages, what websites they came from or left in order to see said information, the race sex, gender ect ect, but have the ability to cross reference your behavior online with the people most close to you, they know every message you send privately, they know every sentence every word you write, all of which gets compiled into a data base of information in order to make the website better for you the user.

I for one agree its fucking creepy and now that the book is a publicly traded company def. get sick over the fact a bunch of investors have legal access to all of my personal information for the soul ability to increase profits and reduce overhead costs. Humanbeings interacting publicly and privately should never be turned into some kind of business model, fuck surveys fellas, were all participating in one now and Facebook tracks ur every second of interaction. Just think every message u send unless u tell it not to in ur settings knows where ur at, it keeps track of all ur check ins, all ur personal messages or status updates that contain emotional icons or “emoticons” they correlate information like that with what time it is, ur location, what u did or how u felt earlier in that day, blah blah blah I could seriously keep going on with the amount of shit this company legally can do and actually does on a daily basis. My only suggestion to y’all considered is to shut off ur GPS for good or just quit going online, this shit is here to stay and that’s a cold hard fact, the 4-5 companies capable of this do so to make billions and also provide all said information to the government for “our protection” slash a free contribution to the political machine that regulates business tactics of this nature.

That’s where the lobbying efforts of the trillion dollar advertising companies and your publicly funded CIA and NSA come into play, keeping their corporate and governing agendas in place over all. Lets put it this way, without us these websites would be bankrupt, however we just keep on accepting things we do not feel comfortable with because its easier just to roll with the punches. Please know facebook goes bankrupt if you stop using it, just know yall really do have the power over this company even if it is publicly traded now, just start getting the word out and trust me facebook will back off its creepy efforts of alleged simplicity.

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1 step for man, 9 steps back for female kind….tighten up ladies

Bro what the fuck is this world coming too? The shit I have seen in the news over the last few days has mad me laugh my fucking ass off with joy. News stories such as the ones being told are the personification of the American Idiot, brain washed and mentally challenged, unable to formulate brain synapses in a way that produces critical thinking.


So lets start with the Amanda Berry bitch, this chick was apparently kidnapped at 16, she’s 26 years old right now and has a 6 year old kid. So here I go you bleeding fucking morons. Is it at all possible to fathom for just a few minutes about the circumstances of this girls claims? I would like you to, so just break down the factual information for a minute than retard your self with ur 4th grade American opinion after I conclude. Lets see…. the  victim was 16 when allegedly abducted, old enough to fuck, old enough to drugs, old enough to get expelled, old enough to fuck older men, old enough TO RUN AWAY! In addition, is it not a coincidence that her kid is the same age as the years she has been missing? So with out a doubt she had to have either been pregnant or gotten pregnant while abducted. Lets just try to give this retard the benefit of the doubt, what did she do when she was in labor? why didn’t she tell the hospital? I assure you this, two fucking uneducated bus drivers could not deliver a baby and take care of it, and a ado lent female for 10 and 6 years with out incident of any medical complications what so ever. I am tired of hearing this shit on the news, your not a victim you fucking skank, you ran away and now you want to go home but this way you exit a celebrity not a fucking poor pile of white trash with a retired bus drivers child.

Let me just also note that I have bills, and have lived in various places throughout my life, It is impossible to afford rent utilities ect, without a job, or leaving the house periodically to go hustle money, this bitch is a grown fucking woman, are you trying to tell me she is so fucking retarded that she couldn’t open a door or jump out a window in ten years? Was this guys house her fucking Alcatraz, and finally after ten solid years of planing this was her great escape? lol pushing the door open a crack and yelling for the neighbor to help lol……HA HA HA HA HA HA, wow, I’m glad you finally figured that one out you stupid dishonest whore.

Side note, this is weird to me, the man who found them was eating McDonald’s when he heard the skank acting her way to freedom, and the two men arrested for this alleged crime were arrested in a McDonald’s, and heres the kicker, the skank Amanda was either abducted or last seen leaving work at a Burger King lol, you have to love the low rent fast food irony thats going on here, but like I said I am sure this is all just random circumstance and this poor white trash slut was really just mentally retarded and lost her ability to think move, walk, speak, so on and so forth for the last ten years of her life.


So what other fame degenerates have been doing their best to set American civilization back several hundred years? Well a bridal party of absolute fucking retards in California just recently put up the impressive number of 4 dead, and the rest in critical condition from a fire that took place inside of a moving limousine. First thing is first I don’t give a fuck how the fire started, the bottom line is there was a fire that was engulfing people in a vehicle. Reports indicate several woman tried squeezing through the front privacy window in order to escape, and several woman were actually able to exit the limo and survive.


HMMMMM, ok so my first question is, why the fuck did you not just open the door? and for fucks sakes don’t fucking read this and say to your self the doors must have been locked shut because there was a fire. This is real life u fucking idiots, these people are really dead and the car like every other car in the world has door handles and locks which can be manually operated from within the vehicle, even if the vehicle is powerless. So whats does that tell us? It tells us that these fucking morons, were so scared of hot doors and getting burnt that they decided smoke inhalation and being burnt alive (prob the worst way on earth to die) were spectacular ideas. These fucking pathetic self absorbed ass clowns thought so much of them selfs that someone would save them, or they will magically get out, that burning them selves in an attempt to live was a bad decision. instead they opted for the half opened privacy window that their bodies could not fit through.

Im just saying if you told female Jews in the Holocaust before you shut the door to incinerate them to death that the door is open its just hot, and also you can jump out or break any window on the sides at any time but you may suffer minor injuries from the impact of the highway you land on, I fucking promise you every female jew in Nazi Germany would have walked away from the Holocaust. These fucking woman have no excuse but passive ignorance and arrogance to their presumed asses in which they thought were to be kissed that fine day not barbecued. Good rid ions you stupid fucking morons, I seriously can’t even drive to work without thinking the assholes who cause traffic delays deserve to die, so its most definitely a good thing the earth has come to claim you fucking half breeds back to its core and to hopefully teach other handicapped woman around the globe a few lessons in basic human instincts.



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Ur Website+Ur Marketing = Ur Fucking Joke

So this pathetic website that pays money to invade mobile Facebook subscribers to see their lame ass posts has made made a paid advertisement of Marilyn Monroe posing in a photo shoot while fat or just just bloated from the drugs, or maybe a late term abortion, who knows that bitch did dabble in to most everything, so with that said the update is aimed at fat chicks with low self esteem who look up to a pop icon who was dead before they even began to live. In addition they have their Facebook page set up through paid advertising options that allow u to leave a comment or a like, the like option tells you that you will be the first to like the post and if u comment and ur not their friend on Facebook it will not show up in the posts comment pool. This shit is slightly hilarious given the general rules and regulations for the Facebook platform that all us unpaid, non spamming normal folk abide by and confide our trust in. So the PIC and the description are below along with my unpublished comment. Fuck this web site and all the fucking losers who work for it. Get Some


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Biceps the Boner of your Arms


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Milk vs Guns, On Public Safety, Milk More Dangerous Apparently



Gun Dealers are not required to keep an inventory of the guns they stock and sell.


The ATF is prohibited to conduct a federal registory data tracking system of firearms sold in America


In the last 10 years there have been NO deaths documented in the published scientific literature that were attributed to drinking fresh unprocessed whole milk that was produced on a dairy in the United States specifically with the intent that it was for human consumption without processing.


Roughly 30,000 a year are killed in America from guns, but for some reason the FED makes it a priority to shut down the sale of organic milk at any chance they can. They actually spend millions PER INDIVIDUAL FARM, to surveil and shut down hundreds of family owned small town local farms every year. So we can all assume at this point that the government is more concerned about milk related injuries and fatalities than they are assault rile mass murders. Well its that or its the trillion dollar gun industry and trillion dollar agro industry force fucking this country into a land with moronic and hypocritical laws. On one side two industries profit a fuck ton, and on the other, Americans are deprived their freedom of choice, and regrettably murdered.

The NRA and Big Agro business don’t give a fuck whether u assholes live or die, they want money, and they will continue to divide you and promote differences between the working middle voting class in order to get what they want, use the constitution and a bunch of false threats to make that happen. If your asking where did I get this info you can go ask your neighborhood farmer, and he will validate me……oh wait they don’t exists anymore, Id suggest google searching the topic, im not hear to change ur diapers and wipe ur ass, but at bare minimum getting a netflix account and watching some true documentaries on the the agro business in this country and see how many farmers have been getting ass fucked by the MAN.


People gotta grow the fuck up in this country, if your a die hard believer that chemicals make your milk safe to drink and the cow that GOD put on this earth produces unsafe deadly mik you are retarded. In addition, if you think that gun control and regulation is stupid, your also a fucking idiot. The same people that preach no gun control are the same die hard war and troop supporters, however they need their weapons at all times in case they decide to over throw their government and kill all those war heroes they were recently praising. Guns don’t kill People, People kill People (however 99% of them that do kill people, chose to do so with a gun).

The only people out their that kill people without guns, are bad mother fuckers that can and most likely have a reason to kill you with their bare hands. People that use guns for murder, crime, and ego boosts are just sad pathetic pussies, that if ever faced with a real problem, like manning the fuck up and not using a device to harm someone from an unfair distance away, would get their coward fucking faces broken. If guns are not the problem and people are, than why cant I as a person have a fair fight with a guy who has a gun? Obvious answer, the fucking pussy shoots me from a 100 feet away, in hiding, pre planned, like a coward. Where I grew up thats what you call sneaking someone, and it seems to me that sneaking someone with a gun is well above the pussy act of sneaking someone with a fist, and if my math is on point, that makes the person with the gun a pretty big fucking pussy. But dont worry gun lovers, you hardcore righteous freedom fighters wont have to face your accuser, or be punished for your cowardly crimes, instead, you will use that same gun you so rightfully shot someone with, to kill ur self like a fucking MEGA Pussy. GET SOME

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American Priorities, Lance Armstrong, AIG, & Oprah


This country and its citizens really makes one with common sense scratch his head in aww about the reality of this collaborative dump. Best way to put it, America and the majority of the people who reside with in its borders are a fucking disgrace to humanity. Let’s just review some current events that are facts and also the most important issues on this societies mind.

Lance Armstrong is a horrible degenerat because he took steroids during his career as an athlete. Just him though, no one cares about the entire team he road with and that they them selves ratted him out in order to keep their names clear from the guilt and humiliation they deserve. Lance is now getting millions along with Oprah tonight for their collaboration on Lance admitting his guilt.

Mean while billionaire and millionaire bankers from wall street continue to swindle and defraud the US economy. How do Americans hate Lance Armstrong so much for cheating in a sport they never watched or competed in against him, but AIG the pile of shit company that took 182.5 billion dollars of our tax dollars to save their company that they personally eroded through countless acts of theft, curruption, and fraud are getting a pass, not to mention suing the government. Know who flips the bill on the legal defense for that law suit? The American citizens do with their tax dollars, were the investors of the United States of America, and since AIG has already fucked over as many clients as they possibly can, their coming straight for us and our money, via the Government. So fuck yeah, by all means America, lets give AIG a pass, and take the pressure off them and focus it on a guy who rides a fucking bike.

Who gives a fuck about the people that played a major part in the reason why millions of people don’t have a pention to retire on, poverty is at an all time high, and taxes are now the highest they have ever been on even the poorist Americans in the US work force. The country has its priorities ass fucking backward, No one from the banking industry goes to jail, but athletes who cheated in sports that are in no way associated with the fed, some how go under federal investigation and spend more time in congressional hearings than all the banks combinded in regards to the economy and bail out.

Am I fucking missing something, the athletes were questioned to reform athletic drug testing in privately owned professional sports, but the illegal drug industry was never even looked into, or mentioned from any of these investigations. So our taxed dollars are wasted for the investigation of grown men cheating in sports but conserved for the financial restructuring of the civilized worlds most relied on and vital economy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how morally bankrupt and mentally retarded this country and its citizens actually are.

In close I’m glad Lance Armstrong lied to you, I’m glad you fags are furious. It makes me smile to know so many uneducated tards in America are emotionally scared. In the end Lance wins, u pussies lose. U gained nothing from his admission of guilt, and Lance is still famous, a multi millionaire, out fucking models and super stars, and Cancer free. Live Strong America. Get Some

Make sure to tune in at 9:00 pm on the OWN network, the discovery channel, or Oprah.com and see how the Queen of media will make Lance Armstrong in to a vindicated villain 

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Some Good Movies you can stream online for Free



Django Unchained

Silver Linings Playbook

This Is 40

Zero Dark Thirty



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MNHC 3.5, the Broski is back

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Funny Email Scam that Apparently Tons of Idiots Fall For

66 Huayuanshiqiao Road, Pudong,
Shanghai, China

Dear Friend,

 I am  Mr Chuanli Yusheng , the Vice President and Branch Manager of The Bank of East Asia (China), Huayuanshiqiao,Shanghai Branch. I know you may be wondering why I am contacting you for this despite all the friends and relations that I have but I decided to do this with an unknown person to avoid any form of blackmail in the future.Mr.Alvin Peter Kappelmann Jr was an account holder with my bank branch. I have been his account officer for 11 years before his death. He died during the World Trade Center bombing in September 11 2001.

 Since his death, the management of my bank has made series of efforts to locate his family but all efforts were proved abortive. I also carried out series of research to find his family but it was confirmed that the mother who was the only surviving member of the family died at the hearing of the son’s death. He was already divorced before his death and due to this fact; no one was able to claim the fund he deposited in my bank legally because there was no will to it. He had a secret dollar account with my bank worth the sum of $9,300,000.00 (Nine Million, Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars).

 My purpose of contacting you now is this: My bank during the last executive board meeting resolved that if by the end of this year and there is no beneficiary to the said account, the account will be confiscated and the fund sent to the bank treasury and this is where I am interested in and wants you to come in:

 I want you to come in as the Next of Kin/Beneficiary to this account. I have all the titled documents to back your claim and as the Vice President and Manager of this branch, it is in my power to carry out any form of verification on the beneficiary of the said fund and process the fund wire without any problem. I want you to know that this is legal, 100% risk free as all the titled documents would be changed to your name as the new beneficiary of the said funds, and the fund wired to any bank account you wish to have it wired to.

Please note we shall share in the ratio of 50% for me, 50% for you. When the fund finally gets to your nominated bank account.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply to my mail. First let me state once again that I have been prompted to trust you and will depend on you to show me maximum trust, confidentiality and above all follow my instruction strictly. As you will understand the transaction is 100% success assured in as much as you follow my instructions, within a period of 5 banking days we will finish all the documentary aspect of this transaction and money transferred.

I will demand that you give me the privilege to handle the whole issue with my professional experience and position. I have to at this point ask for your sincere confidentiality, please assure me this and keep to it that the next person to you do not know about this transaction as we have to keep it highly confidential. You should know that I am working with the bank and a manager in that matter hence my position and job will be at risk should anybody know from your end.

The basic requirement here is that as you will know I do not want to let my bank know I am behind the transfer so all our communications will be restricted to email. I want to make something clear to you, the fact that I am the Vice President and the Manager of this branch does not guarantee the security of this transaction, whatever we are doing must be done under a very high level of confidentiality. We must pretend we do not know each other, you must never mention my name to any staff of my bank during and after this transaction. This is for our security and safety of this transaction.

The issue of documentation is no problem; I will handle that as soon as we commence the transfer process. I reside in the banking quarters here in Huayuanshiqiao,Shanghai (China),and would want us to meet but our meeting will be under a very high surveillance to avoid being seen together until this is over. My bank has some secret security officers that monitor my movement as senior bank executive and I must play safe to avoid being interrogated. I am an American by birth and was transfer here in China from our head branch in Hong Kong. I am ready for this deal to be accomplished and I wish so from you. My bank will have this approved since everything about this deposit is with me and the fund in my branch.

On no account must you discuss this with anyone; whatever you want to ask me please do that by email and I will answer you immediately. The fund would be transferred through a more secured telegraphic wire transfer means with evidence proving the genuine source of the fund and you as the legitimate beneficiary of the fund and no government agency can stand against it. With my experience as a banker in financial matters, I will handle this.

Please get back to me today with the above stated information so that I will be able to extract the deposit agreement and then make official application of the claim in your name and submit it to the board that meets once every week. As soon as I receive your assurance along with the information above, I will advice you on what next to do. For any question you may want to ask please send it to me by email, I am very ready to answer them. I am guaranteed that they will give the approval instantly as the money is in my branch.

I do not want to write so much on the procedure so that you will not be confused but I inform you that it is simple and fast. I will be waiting to hear from you today, respond to me today if you can so we can proceed.

I sent you this mail not without a measure of uncertainty as to what the consequence entails.

If you are interested, please send me your: Full names ,Age and address. Telephone and fax numbers. Where I can always reach you and also if the bank wants to reach you on phone)Finally, I shall furnish you with more information’s about this operation.

Your Prompt response to this letter will be appreciated.

Kind Regards

Chuanli Yusheng

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Haters gonna Hate, But Collegiate Record of Dominace gets Recorded

So for the first time in fucking recordable history, FSU shut out an opponent with nearly a quarter and a half of football left to play. essentially FSU mercy ruled the first D-1 team in history.

With that said, I am amused by the haters talking shit on FSU, saying shit about how they didn’t cover the 70.5 point spread! Lol, for fucking real, that’s comical, those fucking cowards along with the NCAA Officiating staff passed the agreed to this low life coward team to get a pass and not have to finish the game. So to all the bookies trying to hold bets, eat fucking shit u cowards do the logical thing and pay out what is mathematically conclusive over what is a all time first, a team mercy ruleing another group of grown men. From logical fact and assumable narrative FSU was scoring 1.41 points a minute when the game scheduled for 60 minutes of play was called short at 39 minutes with a point tally of 55 points. So before I make my logical point of what the final score would have been, I would like to make this clear, our 3rd string was in after the 1st, if we wanted to abuse our opponent we could have with ease. So here is the fucking math, 1.41×60= 84.6, so we easily cover the spread, and were boss as fuck. But what makes me feel better is that this fag team quit and the NCAA actually approved of them quiting, that’s a first says Jimbo Fisher, so I say let’s make it a first of many. FSU is the first and only team the rules take back seat to via the NCAAs blessing, do to our prodominace, and other oppents pathetic inferiority. Get Some



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